Thales Liberty Radio [PRC 7332]


In the absence of any official support from Thales Communications, who discontinued the Liberty Multiband Radio in 2013, I have become a small time purveyor of information / resources on the unit. Whether it be the unusually high build quality, imposing metal construction, delightfully straightforward programming or USA-Built pedigree, a small but devoted contingent of us Liberty holdouts remain.

Software + Firmware

I have the latest PCProgrammer and Radio Firmware available on my eBay store for instant download, however I much prefer to do business without eBay as the middleman. Send me a message before purchasing this through eBay, and I will offer you a significant discount, and both of us can avoid paying eBay's ransom.

I have the latest and final release versions of the software and firmware. Even if you buy a Liberty that comes with a software CD, it is very likely it is still out-of-date.

The proceeds from these sales cover my time spent answering any questions you may have post-sale, as well as my continued efforts for the Liberty community, including reverse engineering, the purchasing of test units and development of custom firmware.


I can bypass the Trunking Key security needed to program Liberty radios with P25 Phase I systems! This is especially useful, as the last Trunking Keys sold by Thales expired in 2017. I can retain this critical functionality for you or your orginization, all without the need for shipping! This is a turnkey service that will allow you to continue using your Liberty with Trunking systems into the future, while giving you direct access to me for continued support, for a one-time flat fee.

This full-service offering can be found listed as a product on my eBay page, however again, I much prefer to cut eBay out of the equation. Drop me a line to purchase directly from me, and I will offer you a significant discount, and both of us can avoid eBay's exorbitant fees.

Please note, your Liberty must have the 'Trunking' feature enabled.


I can provide AES-256/DES-XL cryptographic keyloading for the Liberty. Due to the unique security concerns associated with keyfill, please Contact me for more information regarding this service.

Photos / Media

Some photos of the liberty for your viewing pleasure. Not all photos are mine. Nothing is for sale.

Due to ITAR restrictions, there will be absolutely no sales/support to non-US citizens, or anyone outside the US.